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York USA is a soccer league affiliated with Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA). We provide a youth soccer league in the south central Pennsylvania area that promotes and encourages the development of both team and individual skills. We welcome any and all clubs to apply for membership in our youth soccer league.

    Posted May 13, 2020


    Just a reminder for all clubs, coaches, parents & players.....any organized soccer activity (practice, tryouts, etc.) held while we are in a red or yellow phase, are considered NON-SANCTIONED, and therefore, not covered by EPYSA if there is an injury to anyone.

    EPYSA is currently working with the United States Olympic Committee, United States Youth Soccer, United States Soccer Federation, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health to develop SAFE RETURN TO PLAY GUIDELINES.  These will be shared when they are completed and available for publication.


ATTENTION 2020 High School Graduates!

During these difficult times, many of our players lost their opportunity to finish their youth soccer careers, participate in outdoor cups, walk at graduation and many more memorable experiences. We want to invite you to join Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer 2020 Graduation Week! A celebration by sharing some of your favorite memories from your youth soccer careers or just your name, high school and plan after graduation. Click the following link Class of 2020  to fill out the form where you can attach your favorite youth soccer memory or a video with your name and the high school you are graduating from!  EPYSA will be sharing the videos throughout the week of May 18-22 on their social media pages to congratulate the 2020 graduates! 

2020 - 2021 Registration

GotSoccer is the official software provider of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer for the 2020-2021 season.  The choice of registration software is up to each individual organization for club and league business. However, all teams participating in travel or recreational leagues within EPYSA must use GotSport for player, coach and team registration. All organizations within Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer must register board members with contact information in GotSport.

Details about the transition plan to GotSport are included in the link below.  A Phase 1 Manual is also included in the link below:

GotSoccer - New Seasonal Year Registration Process

Phase Two will be launched on the EPYSA website after May 5. The following topics will be addressed:

  • Player data upload for organizations using a third-party platform
  • Coach data upload
  • Coach registration and annual risk management compliance
  • Team creation

Risk Management is an annual requirement for all coaches, trainers, managers and board of directors. All organizations are encouraged to communicate to individuals now to secure the documents listed below.

  1. PA Clearance Documents (valid for 5 years, those who have 2015 dates are expiring)

a.     PA State Police Check

b.     PA Child Welfare History

c.     FBI Fingerprints or Affidavit

d.     Can be saved in separate files to be uploaded at a future date

Where to Obtain PA Clearances

  1. Concussion Training (annual)

a.     CDC Heads Up will be integrated with GotSport in June

b.     In the meantime, training can be taken directly from the CDC website. Please remember to save the certificate in a file for future upload.

CDC Heads Up Course

  1. Safe Sport Training (annual)

a.     SafeSport will be integrated with GotSport in June

b.     In the meantime, training can be taken directly from the SafeSport website. Please remember to save the certificate in a file for future upload.

c.     Anyone who took the course last year will be eligible for a shorter refresher course as long as you use the same email that your originally used with SafeSport.

d.     Email safesport@epysa.org for the free access code when completing the course directly at SafeSport Training Course

 Contact Marisa Pigeon at mpigeon@epysa.org with questions.


York USA Scholarships

The Beth Hufnagel Scholarship, in memory of Beth Hufnagel

The Mick Geisinger Scholarship, in memory of our former league administrator, Michelle "Mick" Geisinger

Deadline for Application: March 1, 2021

Please find additional information about each scholarship and applications forms: Scholarships





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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

    The Pennsylvania "Safety in Youth Sports Act" established standards and guidance related to the prevention, preparation, response and recovery of injured youth athletes. Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) has established mandatory procedures for implementing the requirements of this law and requires all member leagues and affiliates to comply with the guidance set forth in this law. As an EPYSA member, York USA has established the HEAD HEART HEAT section as a mechanism for providing our member clubs access to educational materials required by the EPYSA mandate. 

    Heads Up Coaches 

    ConcussionWise for Coaches

    ConcussionWise Parents

    ConcussionWise Players

    CardiacWise Coaches

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    CardiacWise Players

    HeatWise Coaches

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    US Youth Soccer's Recognize to Recover Program