General Hygiene & Safety Protocols
Wash your hands frequently
Have hand sanitizer available for all at times
No sharing of water, snacks or equipment
No shaking hands, high fives, fist bump, hugs, etc…
Social distancing = six (6) feet apart
No player or coach can attend if they are feeling sick
Sick players or coaches must quarantine as required by CDC/PA Dept. of Health. Can only return with a Doctor’s approval. Must show notice to the club.
Disinfect all training equipment- cones, goals, flags etc. Only coaches can touch or move equipment.
Coaches to wear a face mask as per CDC/PA Dept. of Health at all times.
Players to wear face mask when not involved in soccer activities or on the bench. Player may wear mask during activity at parents or players discretion.
Scrimmage vests washed after every session. Should consider it personal equipment, and provide each player with their own.
Each ball sanitized before/after every practice or game.
Only one coach may attend to an injured player. Must wear mask and gloves.
Minimize contact with other teams before, during and after each session.
This is a general list. Please consult PA Department of Health and CDC hygiene and safety protocols which must be followed in all stages.
Yellow Phase Return to Play Guidlelines for Clubs, Coaches & Parents
Posted May 30, 2020

•No organized training. No organized playing.
•Virtual training allowed. See recommended guidelines from US Center for Safesport below

Virtual Training Guidelines

Green Phase Guidelines for Clubs, Coaches & Parents
Posted May 30, 2020

Club Guidelines

•Activity may begin within your club only. Activity must be kept local, within your community.
•No contact training. No games. No interaction with other organizations.
•Individuals must comply with restrictions of their home county.
•Engage with management of your practice facilities to learn and comply with their polices and procedures.
•Fields must be legally open. No training on a space/field without insurance certificate issued (standard regardless COVID-19) or permission from the facility.
•Create Action Plan:
•Communicate plan and distribute to families, coaches, admins.
•Actions upon notification of a positive test result for a club member.
•Be prepared to shut down and stop operations if necessary.
•Develop a plan for social distancing and adequate field space (see Participation Limits below).
•Minimize interactions among teams.
•Consider field/training area lay out, entrance and exit from fields, managing training schedules.
•Social distancing required in all areas, but not limited to sidelines, bench areas, clubhouse, parking lot.
•The parent determines participation.
•Spectators are not essential to training and not recommended to attend, however, it be necessary for younger players.
•Green Phase will be further determined with additional guidelines from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Participation Limits

The opeing of the Green Phase limits the number of participants on a field.  Best practices and other professional recommendations are no more than 25 participants per field (both halves) and training in small groups with a ratio of 1 coach per 9 players.  Spectators are not recommended as players and coaches come first, but may be required for younger players.

4v4 = 10 people (8 players & 2 coaches per field)                         9v9 = 20 people (18 players & 2 coaches per field)

7v7 = 16 people (14 players & 2 coaches per field)                       11v11 = 25 people (22 players & 3 coaches per field)

Coach Guidelines

•Comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and any additional club directives or requirements.
•Reinforce directives, polices and protocols as necessary with parents and children.
•As players arrive, inquire how they’re feeling. If they are ill or appear to be ill, send them home.
•Supply your medical kit or bag with gloves, extra masks, sanitizer, and facial tissues.
•Implement social distancing at all times. Each player and their equipment at least six (6) feet from the next player.
•Coaches wear masks at all times.
•Players may wear masks during training at their discretion. Must wear when not engaged in soccer activity.
•Only coaches may touch or move equipment. Players do not touch or move equipment.
•No bodily contact in training.
•Avoid activities involving lines, maintain social distancing in training (review the US Soccer Grassroots Recommendation Guide under the resources below)
•Sanitize all equipment after training.
•Scrimmage vests are not recommended.
•Minimize interaction with other teams that train before or after you. Emphasize player should go straight to cars.
•Be positive, fun and engaging. Help the children acclimate and reintegrate.

Parent Guidelines

•Comply with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and any additional club directives or requirements. Share information with your son or daughter.
•No signs of COVID-19 for the player the past 14 days and no known exposure before sending him or her to training. Sick players and coaches must stay at home and follow appropriate health guidelines.
•Determine if you want your child to wear a face mask during training.
•Sanitize and wash all equipment and uniforms after training
•Pack hand sanitizer and a face mask in his or her bag.
•Spectators are not essential to training and not recommended to attend, however, it be necessary for younger players.
•Comply with social distancing and mask directives. Adhere to rules of the club regarding attending training session
•Direct your child to never share water, snacks or equipment.
•Notify club and coach should your child becomes ill.
•Do not assist coach or coaches with equipment at the beginning or end of practice.
•Ball goes off touchline or end line allow players or coach to retrieve the ball.
•Parents make the ultimate decision on their child's attendance participation

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