York USA & LANCO COVID-19 Safety and Action Plan

York USA & LANCO have partnered for offering inter-league play again for the Fall Season 2020.  We take our responsibiity to provide a youth soccer league that promotes and encourages the development of both team and individual skills seriously.  In the current environment, we also are serious about insuring the safety of  all players, their familiy members as well as our coaches and referees.

As a result, we have developed a Safety and Action Plan to demonstrate how we intend to follow the recommendations from CDC, US Youth Soccer and EPYSA pertaining to safe return to play.  We encourage all players, familiy members and coaches to be familiar with the York USA & LANCO COVID-19 Safety & Action Plan, as well as all guidance listed in the following sections.  According to our Plan, we will track any reported suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 using our COVID-19 Reporting Form and following our COVID-19 Policy.

Additional resources can be found on the left bottom side of this page and will be updated as information becomes available.

Message from EPYSA CEO


COVID-19 Point of Contact
Posted Aug 27, 2020

Please notify the appropriate league contact with questions, concerns, or to report a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 as soon as you become aware of the situation.  Thank you for your adherence to the York USA & LANCO COVID-19 Safety & Action Plan.

York USA Point of Contact:  Stephen Clever, President  (717) 5874825   president@yorkusa.org

LANCO Point of Contact:     David Boyer, President  (717) 371-1995   boyer424pru@aol.com